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When you step outside to go to work in the morning, you notice that your car’s windshield is damaged. Well, that’s getting the day off on the wrong foot. We hope at least the coffee was good.

Worse still, sometimes it’s pretty clear that windshield repair just isn’t going to cut it this time. At Auto Glass Repair of Boston, we do windshield repairs, but we also do full windshield replacement for cases like yours. Whether your windshield is chipped, cracked, or totally shattered, we can take care of it.

Auto glass replacement makes even more sense when you consider the issue of safety. If your car’s windshield has any major cracks or damage that obstructs your view of the road ahead, Auto Glass Repair of Boston recommends replacing your windshield immediately. Cracks that are minuscule enough to be unnoticeable, on the other hand, can still pose a major safety hazard.

When driving, the last thing you want is for your windshield to shatter in the middle of your commute suddenly. Not only can broken glass send shards flying into your eyes or face, it also creates the additional danger of having your car swerve out of control.

However, if you have a minor chip or crack in your windshield, Auto Glass Repair of Boston can often do the repair work right on the spot. Once we’ve done our best to make sure that no additional damage occurs, we’ll patch it up and smooth over any sharp edges with an epoxy resin.

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Windshield Replacement Par Excellence

When a windshield is badly cracked or chipped, Auto Glass Repair of Boston sees it as an opportunity to do a top-notch job. We want our customers to be fully satisfied with our work, and we’ll go out of our way to make sure you are.

On the other hand, if there’s no way around it. We’ll just have to perform a full replacement. Again, we aim to make sure you’re happy with the results, so we take time throughout the entire process to ensure everything’s done right.

Auto Glass Repair of Boston has all the necessary tools and equipment on hand for windshield replacements. We use only the finest materials available—all guaranteed original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or better. We always use 100% glass fabric filter vacuum in our work, and we’ll even apply an ultraviolet protectant that will help prevent damage like cracking due to sunlight exposure.

Auto Glass Repair of Boston is also proud to offer our customers the opportunity to select their own aftermarket tint – if they so desire. We’ll help you choose the brand that offers the best UV protection for your car and get it applied professionally.

So What Exactly Happened To My Windshield

It’s tough to hazard a guess. Maybe some neighborhood Red Sox fan hit a baseball through it (did you find the ball on the front seat?) Or perhaps the windshield developed a stress crack that you didn’t notice until it became too late. In any case, don’t worry. We’ll have things fixed up in a jiffy.

End Result? One Happy Customer

We often emphasize the importance of customer satisfaction here at Auto Glass Repair of Boston, and what better way to underscore this commitment than by mentioning our customer testimonials? We are proud to have served so many happy customers, and we’re always trying to keep this number rising!

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