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A smashed side window on your car will turn heads for all the wrong reasons. Don’t let it be this way. Call the expert Boston side window replacement team at Auto Glass Repair of Boston. We’ll get you back on the road quickly.

Over time, your car’s side windows may get broken due to an accident or vandalism. If you’re unsure whether side window replacement is necessary, stop by Auto Glass Repair of Boston for a free inspection. A chip in the glass with no obstructions will not affect how well it protects you from the weather. However, if the glass is severely harmed in any way, you’ll be exposed to intruders or extreme weather conditions. Side windows are especially vulnerable when they’re open because vandals can easily break them.

Since your side windows open and close, you might think, well, I’ll just roll the broken frame down to hide it, then drive around like Bo and Luke Duke from that old TV show. Ah, come on–this isn’t 1980. Side window replacement is more common than windshield installation. Although, you should still prepare for the worst if your car takes a hit.

Our side window replacement service includes:

  • The removal of the damaged glass
  • Cleaning the surrounding area to prevent any additional damage
  • Installation of new side windows that meet or exceed the original manufacturer’s specifications
  • Use of water and check to ensure that there are no leaks or obstructions. Once we’re done, your car will be looking good as new. Our staff members go the extra mile to ensure our customers are satisfied with their work. Auto Glass Repair of Boston is a family-owned and operated company that has been around since 2001. We’ll communicate with your insurance company, so everything is taken care of for you.

Reach us at (617) 812-8663 to get free estimates.

Is Auto Glass Repair of Boston Expensive?

Most people think that having their windows replaced is expensive. It might be, but it can also be affordable. We use premium products during installation, and our customers commend us for the quality of our work. Call us first if you want to save money on side window replacement.

We’ll let you know if your insurance company will cover the expense. We might even be able to negotiate a discount for you.

I Have A 1923 Jordan Playboy With A Broken Side Window. Will That Be A Problem?

Probably. But please bring it in any way, because we’d love to see it! Auto Glass Repair of Boston DOES, in fact, work on older, more rare cars, and you just never know when we might be able to help you out. We replace all kinds of glass, no matter the make or model.

If your car is older, please contact us for more information on pricing and availability.

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