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For all kinds of back glass replacement needs, contact Auto Glass Repair of Boston. Our excellent service, high-quality parts, and competitive prices are sure to meet your expectations.

You can trust our auto glass professionals to restore your car’s integrity and safety because they are experienced in their field. They understand what has to be done and how it needs to be done to restore your automobile’s integrity and safety. We only use top-quality replacement components since we want you back on the road as soon as possible.

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How Does Auto Glass Repair of Boston Replace Back Glass?

Best practices dictate that a back glass should be replaced as soon as possible after the damage occurs. The process to replace a back glass is quite simple but needs experience and skill for the results to be correct. First, we remove the broken or damaged back glass from its place. Then, we take out all of the old glue from the car’s interior. This way, we get a clean surface for the new glue to stick to.

Auto Glass Repair of Boston’s Auto Glass Replacement Process

Cleaning is a vital part of our process since it prepares the car for the new back glass. We use a window cleaner and/or another lint-free rag with warm water and mild soap to ensure that there is no lint or dirt on the back of your car. 

Auto Glass Repair of Boston uses new auto glass and adhesives to get the job done right. Our experienced team knows how to do it professionally, so you will not have any problems with your car’s integrity and safety after we’re done. We only use quality materials, guaranteeing that our work will last.

What If The Back Glass Leaks After Installation?

If our auto glass experts have made a mistake during installation or a defect in the back glass that we installed, you should bring your car to us again. We will replace the window for free if it has sprung a leak because of our error.

The back glass replacement process should vary slightly depending on the vehicle’s make and model. You can visit us to learn about our process for your car.

Why Choose Auto Glass Repair of Boston?

We run a comprehensive auto glass replacement service for all kinds of back glass needs. You can visit us if you have a broken or damaged back window, and we will give you a free estimate on the work. We also offer a warranty on our labor because we want to assure our clients that there is no risk in hiring us for their auto glass installation needs.

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Simply give us a call, and we will come to your location. We repair all types of back glass damage, including broken or cracked rear windows, scratched or chipped glass, and side window replacement.

Auto Glass Repair of Boston has been servicing the area for many years with flawless auto glass repair coupled with an unswerving dedication to customer satisfaction. We stand behind our work and warranty any glass we install in your vehicle.

We are always upfront with our customers, which is one of the main reasons you can trust our auto glass professionals. Your safety and satisfaction come first!

Auto Glass Repair of Boston offers back glass replacement in Boston, MA, and surrounding areas. Call us today at (617) 812-8663.

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